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byzantium secondusThis page is dedicated to my campaigns and special rules for the Fading Suns rpg. This page is mostly for my players but if you happened by the site I hope you enjoy or find some inspiration.



The year is 5001 and Alexius has been Emperor for over 5 years. To celebrate the Emperors 6th annivarsary he has decided to visit a few planets including Cadiz by invite of Duchess Salandra Decados. It should be a grand event as there is rumor that the mysterious Vau will be present during the celebration. The Emperor has sent out his Questing Knights and Imperial Eye agents to examine the area he plans on visiting.

Children of the War

The Symbiots have just been pushed back on Stigmata. Things seem to be settling down when all of a sudden Duke Alverex Hawkwood, backed by the church, tries to declare himself Emperor. This would spark the Emperor Wars which would last 40 years. This is the story of four generations of noble lineage just before the War to after.


Reign Conversion (pdf)
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