T. Cipher Candlerote


Chapter 1

  • Eric follows a groups of thugs to an undergroud street fighting ring. There he discovers that a fighter, Resig, is awakened. They plan to meet in a few days. Also, Darrel does some undercover photo journalism and plans a meeting with Resig's agent.
  • Eric and Slick are kidnapped by a group of Technocrats. The Technocrats claim they are not their enemy and as long as the two of them cooperate no one will get hurt. The Technocrats want another meeting but with a third unknown Awakened who the Technocrats claim they and the players know but they won't give a name.
  • Joey heads to the local dive after coming down from a bad trip where, in a vision, she saw a strange woman (note: that in game the woman was Joey's mentor but rereading the background I realized that she didn't have a mentor, so I am changing this to a strange woman that she does not know but the event still occured) killed while she said "Do not trust the magi." Upon arriving at the bar she sees that her boyfriend, Aiden, is making a deal with mafia. Joey tries to sneak out but is enountered by Jacko, an enemy of Aiden's. When Aiden comes out Jacko and his boys grab him and start beating him senseless. Joey and Arthur try to help. Luckily Jacko thinks he hears sirens (magic) and runs off. Aiden is taken to the hospital and the cops questions him and Joey.
  • Arthur's uncle Anthony Scarnet tries to hire Arthur to modify a car for a job. Arthur refuses but Anthony leaves the vehicle there and tells him to see what he can do with it.
  • Darrel is visited by his Aunt Cecilia and her strange new friend who offers Darrel a job as a full time surrveillance man. Darrel eagerly accepts but says he needs to give one week notice.

Chapter 2

  • Slick is greeted by a mysterious mage who warns him that the Technocracy is after him next. In the meantime Slick's girlfriend is giving him a hardtime but strangely neither the mysterious mage nor his girlfriend notice each other.
  • The mob again attempts to force Arthur to fix a car but threatening his box but he manages to get out of it.
  • Eric does a covert ops mission on the Technocratic building.
  • Eric and Slick meet with the sympathetic Technocratic agents and from what they can tell they are being truthful and want to help beleiving the Technocracy has lost their true path.
  • Joey takes Aiden's old job to hijack a truck. Joey along with Erik and Slick barely manage to steal the truck. Once they do steal it they discover a mage in the back.