T. Cipher

Candlerote Rules

Character Creation

Characters will first be made as a standard human from the WoD core book. After that they will apply the template below.

Add 1 Gnosis
Add 1 to tradition sphere

Choose 1
• Add 1 gnosis
• Add 1 to any sphere
• Take 4 dots in mages backgrounds
• Add 1 to defense attribute

You also get one rote that is your magic sense rote. There is a magic sense rote associated with each sphere and sees magic through the lens of that sphere. Choose the sense rote from your sphere(s).
•Death: Grim Sight pg134
•Fate: The Sybils Sights pg149
•Forces: Read Matrices pg163
•Life: Pulse of the living world pg181
•Matter: Dark Matter pg194
•Prime: Supernal Vision pg221
•Space: Spacial Awareness pg233
•Spirit: Second Sight pg246
•Time: Temporal Eddies pg258

Special Rules

Experience - Each player will receive experince equal to the amount of house we played. Extra experience can be gained from nominating other players for good roleplaying at the end of the session or doing something extra for the game.

Learning New Rotes - Normally rotes are bought through experience. Each rote costs twice the hightest sphere rating +1 for each additional sphere included. While students are at candlerote the will make a study roll at the end of each session equal to a rote skill plus sphere. All points earned during the roll must be applied to a rote(s) that require the sphere and skill used. Experience can be used in addition to the rote roll.

Example - Haf decides she wants to learn Self Healing (life 2) pg183. She uses medicine 2 + life 2 and rolls 1 success. Not quite enough to buy the rote but Haf wants it now and decides to make up the extra point with experience which she spends two.

Guest GMs and Masters - If anyone is interested in either running a game or playing one of the masters let me know at least two weeks before you run so we can share ideas.