Chris Czerniak

My name is Chris Czerniak

I love to take a website from beginning to end.

Or to make old websites better.

From User Experience, to layout to fully developed website with shopping card, blog, and content management

With an enhanced interactive user interface.

Overview of Experience

I started working in web development at New Mexico State University for a program called Title V which helped integrate new technologies into the classroom where I created websites and flash movies for the project.

In 2003 I worked for a small web design firm in Las Cruces NM where I created websites for restaurants, realtors, and other local businesses.

After moving to San Diego I became the web designer for Trio Display, a retail design and fixture shop that decided to move their business online. There I created a shopping cart, blog and other applications. Also at Trio we designed an social network for stores and an online art gallery.

After Trio I worked for Websense as the web developer for their support site. There I helped create forums, a knowledge base, enterprise search, and helped redesign the site. The Websense support site won numerous awards.

I now work for ServiceNow as Tech Support where I help troubleshoot or write scripts for their system.

TRIO Display: 2004-2008

Trio Display is a retail display and fixture company. When I was brought on as a web developer they were looking for strategies to improve their web presence. I helped take TRIO Display from 5 employees to 25 in three years as the web business took off.

OSCommerice – Shopping cart. First application we built was a shopping cart. We started off with a basic shopping cart but quickly started to customize it and eventually included over 40 add-ons and 5000+ products. My customization included a way to put product accessories into the description and integration with a partner that sent a customer’s data on request after they bought a POS system.

Lead Generator – On the website we had a form that asked 10 questions on designing a store and sent an email leads to our sales team and designers. I created a lead generator using sql/php/javascript(yui) that captured the leads into a database and allowed the design team to make comments and change the status of the lead.

Surveys – The web team was using google analytics but wanted more information from our customers and we looked into survey applications but didn’t like any of them. I created a survey front end and backend using sql/php/javascript(yui) that allowed us to create questions and review answers. I would later create the same application for Websense but using surveymonkey for the questions.

Other Applications – I also created a wordpress blog, search engine using phpdig that integrated with our shopping cart showing both indexed results and products from our catalog. I helped implement phplist mail program and designed newsletters. In addition we I created a drupal site for an experimental social networking application called RetailMob (taken down).

Websense: 2008-2012

Websense is an internet security company and I was brought on to help update the support website with the goal to reduce the number of calls the support techs receive. For my three years there I helped reduce the total cases by 10% and reduce cases opened by phone by 30%. The Websense Support site also won “Best Web Support” from Association of Support Professionals and “Top 500 Technology Innovators” from Information Week.

Forums – We first implemented forums based on the ASP.NET CommunityServer creating a public space for users to answer questions.

Knowledgebase – We were one of the first companies to make use of Salesforce new Knowledgebase allowing techs to create knowledgebase articles based off common incidents. These would then be integrated with our website and referenced during case creation.

Search – We created a search engine that indexed the knowledgebase, forums and documentation allowing users to filter by product, version and type of resource they are using.

Tech Alerts – With the success of the knowledge base we used Salesforce to send tech alerts or emails to customers’ base on their subscriptions informing them of critical issues found in the product and how to fix it. Custom objects/tables were made in Salesforce allowing the techs to create the tech alert sending it through a workflow for approval. The tech alert would then get sent to the customer and posted to the website.

Support by Product pages – Pages were created for each product or product family that would update automatically based on the most current knowledgebase, documentation and forum posts.

Service-Now: 2012-Current

Service-Now is a SaaS application that specializes in IT Service Management. The application is customizable that allows users to apply client and server-side javascript on every page of the application. As a result the company needed tech support agents who specialize in javascript.

Troubleshoot – We need to solve many issues where the customer has changed behavior, made a mistake or does not understand how the application works. I do mostly User Interface but have solved issues including integration through soap and email and performance.

Code – For some customers we need to write code to solve their issue. One example is a customer attachment table was getting to be over 400G large and we needed to delete the attachments. I created a script that would delete attachments that were over 9 months old, were associated with two other tables, only deleted the largest 100 attachments a day.


Skill Proficiency Last Used
HTML/CSS Expert Currently Using
Jquery library
Expert Currently Using
SQL Intermediate Currently Using
PHP Intermediate 2011
C#, ASP.NET Novice 2012
Photoshop Intermediate Currently Using
Graphic Design Intermediate 2011
UX Novice 2011
Flash Intermediate 2008


Bachelor of Arts: New Mexico State University,
Major in English Minor in Theater
Las Cruces, New Mexico, June 2000.

Associates of Applied Science: Dona Ana Branch Community College
Major in Digital Graphic Technology
Las Cruces, New Mexico, December 2002

Continueing Education UCSD Extension: Javascript 1 & 2, Advanced PHP, Web Services, .NET Foundation, C# 1