T. Cipher Candlerote

Candlerote Rules

Character Creation

Players need to submit four things:

  • Character Background (at least a paragraph but can be as long as you want)
  • NPC Relationship. Choose someone you are close to and describe them. Make them interesting. Family and romantic relationships are good. Drinking buddy or underworld contact are not.
  • Character picture or an actor that plays your character. You can also submit a picture of your Relationship Character
  • Character Sheet (see below)

Characters will first be made as a standard human from the WoD core book. After that they will apply the template below. You can make up your own virtue and vices.

Add 1 Gnosis
Choose 2 strong Spheres and one weak Sphere
Add 1 to each strong Sphere
Add 4 points to your Spheres (except your weak one). Sphere cannot be greater than 3

Choose 2 (can choose same option twice, remember level five in anything cost 2 points)
• Add 1 gnosis
• Add 2 to any spheres
• Add 3 to any skills
• Add 5 to any backgrounds
• Add 1 to attribute

You also get one rote that is your magic sense rote. There is a magic sense rote associated with each sphere and sees magic through the lens of that sphere. Choose the sense rote from your sphere(s).
•Death: Grim Sight pg134
•Fate: The Sybils Sights pg149
•Forces: Read Matrices pg163
•Life: Pulse of the living world pg181
•Matter: Dark Matter pg194
•Prime: Supernal Vision pg221
•Space: Spacial Awareness pg233
•Spirit: Second Sight pg246
•Time: Temporal Eddies pg258

Finally each player will have to come up with a Relationship with another character. We can develop these during the game but if you want you can flesh them out now.

Special Rules