T. Cipher Candlerote

Setting: Alone

1998: A terrible "War in Heaven" columinates in the destruction of Concordia and the death many Tradition Archmage, including the famous Pothos Fitz-Empress of the Order of Hermes. Traditon leadership staggers as most of their poten mages and council member are killed.

1999: Technocrats detonate a spirit nuke in the Underworld that destroys millions of sleepers, mages and other supernatural creatures. Most Tradition Mages retreat into the Umbra and cover their tracks so they can't be found. They are never seen again.

2000-2008: The Technocrats declare all out war against the Traditions and other mages systematically removing them. Any young enough to be retained are done so. All others are killed, All Tradition Horizon Realms are taken or destroyed. By 2005 entire Traditions are believed to be extinct. By 2007 the Traditions loose contact with each other. By 2008 their are no more Tradition mages. Any mage that is not part of the Technocracy is alone and forgotten.


There are two themes to the game. The first one is surviving. This isn't surviving the wilderness or the streets. This is surviving in the shadow of the Technocracy. Mages want to cast magic and change reality but doing so attracts the attention of the Technocrats.

The second theme is morality. In the world of mage there is a blur of what is right and wrong, who is good and bad. In the game I hope to explore not just the morality of the groups such as the Traditions and the Technocrats but also the characters.