Technocratic Characters reality deviants, the masses

Thomas Eckhart (Director of TO-4)

Eckhart is considered the most reasonable director to ever live. Renown solving most problems diplomatically he has the fewest "combat actions" of any other director and the few CA he does have are highly successful. However, many question his actions saying certain missions could have been handled better.

Jeremy Launer (Sub Director of TO-4 Special Units)

Jeremy has been with the agency for over 10 years. Little is known about him except that he is quick to act and gets the job done. He currently the number one choice to replace Director Eckhart when he retires and has been pushing operatives to prove it.

Daniel Sloan (Sub Director of TO-4 Investigation)

For twenty years Daniel has struggled with keeping his position. Though his work is top notch he is known to be soft and believed to assisted RDs in slipping through an investigation. Many think he would be the best choice to replace Eckhart when he retires but many critics like to point out his faults, especially Jeremy Launer.

Samantha Qui (Sub Director of TO-4 Communication and R&D)

Samantha become sub director by chance after an Iteration X operative failed to focus on surveillance and she was able to prove it by recording all his actions and conversations. Eckhart was so impressed he made her director at the age of 29. It took her many years to prove herself as a capable sub director but she has proved herself by setting up one of the most complete surveillance system in the world.

Gina Carsen (TO-4 Operative)

Gina is Jeremy's number one agent. She is known for working by herself on missions delivered to her directly from Launer. As a matter of fact no one is sure what she does but they do know that her arm was once blown off and had to be re grown and that he training makes her extremely lethal.

Melrose Vinkman (TO-4 Operative)

Vinkman is the go to tech man, part of Q-Division in the NWOand gets the job done in a timely fashion. Known to work well under pressure his top concern is toward the agency making him one of the most valuable assets of TO-4. He has recently qualified for field duty and is eager to learn. Vinkman is good natured and friendly but a tad on the goofy and socially challenged side.

Steven Bartleby (TO-4 Operative)

Though classified as a field operative Bartleby is rarely seen outside his office in room B-4 of the basement which he has also managed to convert into a living space. Those who have seen the inside of the office witness an immense amount of notebooks as he studies his grand research project which no one is sure what it is. The in house expert on Dimension Science few like to work with him and Samantha Qui wants him out of TO-4.

Alan Suttun (TO-4 Operative)

Alan is the reason the Technocracy looks so good. A top cover up agent for TO-4 he is also an anchorman for FOXnews. Possibly the only agent who is equally liked by all the directors he makes a point to charm everyone in the office. If there is a story to tell than Alan is the man to tell it how it actually is. Rumor has it that Alan is top choice to replace Sloan as sub-director of Investigations if he is promoted to director.

Kelly Keemer (TO-4 Operative)

Kelly is a recent transfer from TO-6 in Los Angeles. Brought in by special request by Launer for a six month operation with Gina Carsen. The operation was partially successful but problems occured due to severe disagreements between Gina and Kelly who no longer talk to each other. Launer was prepared to transfer her back to TO-6 but Samantha requested that she stay and Eckhart agreed.

Matt Shade (TO-4 Operative)

Shade has worked with TO-4 for awhile. He was brought in as a junior operative when Eckhart was subdirector of Intelligence. He is now rarely seen in the Carwin building and only answers directly to Eckhart which drives Launer crazy as he is registered to him.

Penny Teetletot (Investigative Assistant)

Penny is the cheer of the office. It is said that if she wasn't there the entire place would dry up and die. Often referred to as the most valuable member of the team and the only one who gets anything done Penny can make sure you can get anything you need and in a timely fashion.

Dr. Choy and Luwin Androni

Reality Deviants technocrats the masses

Maxwell Sun

Max is the head of a Reality Deviant cell in Easton NJ. The cell has remained fairly inactive and the NWO keeps a close eye on them to relate any major activity. Maxwell himself is young but powerful and resourceful. All his followers trust him without question and we beleive he would cooperate with the Technocracy if needed.

Rain Austakrau

Rain's original mentor was captured and killed by the Technocracy in 1997. She was later taken in by Sun to start a new. Now she is a leader among the chantry and a popular midwive in Pennsylvania.

John Davenport

John is a known reality deviant with the Order of Hermes. Considered a major threat he was beleived to have been killed during the attack on Horizon. However, a number of sighting prove this to be wrong. His current location and actions are unknown.

The Masses reality deviants, technocrats

Tina Suttun

Tina is the wife of Alan Sutter. Closely related to the Kennedys she was groomed to marry a politician and spent much of her life rubbing shoulders with the rich, famous, and powerful. However, in her late teens she had a rebellious streak, moved to New York, got a tatoo and spit in the faces of her family. A few years later she met Alan and fell for him hard and married him as a final rebellious gesture.

Stacy Fisher

Stacy is the niece of Julie Sloan. She is a fairly average girl who grew up in Buffulo and went to the University of Toledo to study Athletic Medicine. A very successful academic career resulted in her becoming an Athletic Physician for a number of college teams and later she would return to work for the Buffulo Bills.

Joanna Ketzon Bartleby

Joanne was an intelligent Doctoral student of Physics at UNM when she met Steven Bartleby, a young shy man who was popular amongst his colleages. The two started to date and later married. Soon after they moved to New York so Steven could continue his research. However, a work related accident would result in Stevenís death and Joanna wanted to find out why he died.