Technocratic Report

Report 1: Sept 9 2004

  • Tina Suttun wife could be pregnant.
  • Alan and Tina Suttun, and Melrose Vinkman have been invited to Sloan's for dinner Saturday night
  • Sloan wants a new surveillance device in operation by Friday while Qui wants to take it back to design. Vinkman is stuck in the middle
  • 3 Technocratic Engineers were shot and killed in a warehouse in the bronx. It is believed that Dr. Leonard Winn (the only Enlightened scientist) had made a deal with the Zaibatsu (the asian equivalent to Iteration X). Why they were meeting is uncertain though some kind of trade was believed to take place. A NWO agent, Kelly Keemer, was assisting the Engineers and is also missing.
  • An initial investigation showed that the three Engineers had been shot down with MP5 Submachine Guns. There is no sign of Kelly except her PDA was found and smashed. Agent Vinkman is attempting to repair it. Also found was a pot of dried blood and crushed plant matter. Evidence that the Reality Deviant organization Verbena were involved.
  • Steven Bartleby received a strange phone call and cowered in the corner.

Report 2: Sept 10 2004

  • Vinkman managed to repair Keemer's PDA which showed video evidence that five men dressed in night camouflage shot the Iteration X scientist. All evidence points to the Zaibatsu.
  • Reports show that the Zaibatsu scientist were not suppose to meet until Monday.
  • Vinkman also discovered an encrypted file on the PDA. Once decrypted it ran a virus which tried to send and delete files. The location was traced and agents were sent. They discovered a man named Carl who was ignorant of any files being sent to his PC. Unknown memory chips have been retrieved for analysis by the agents.
  • An interview with Karl Tropo (a mole within the Verbena) has revealed that the clay pot and its contents was indeed the Verbena. Only strange activity is preparation for Mabon (Autumn Sabbat, takes place during the equinox). He also revealed that there was a woman of Technocratic influence there.
  • Launer has a top secret mission in New York harbor in which Gina Carsen is involved.
  • A trace on the strange phone call to Bartleby revealed that the call originated from Montauk Air force Base.

Report 3: Sept 11 2004

  • Agent Shade is sent in to assassinate the Virtual Adept Jim Doxin. Just before firing the shot he is warned by a mysterious woman that his position is compromised. He is order to maintain position and take the shot as a group of 4 assailants move to kill him. Shade fights his way out.
  • Suttun and Bartleby investigate the death of Doxin and the where-about's of Gina Carsen. While doing so they are followed by a strange man. Suttun finds out that his name is Luwin Androni.
  • Shade is requested by Eckhart to stay at the Carwin building while he meets with his superiors to discwuss internal problems with in the Technocracy.
  • Vinkman manages to create a virus to track opposing computer. They install it on Carl's computer.
  • Suttun and Vinkman have dinner with Sloan, his wife Julie, and Julie's niece, Stacy Fisher. Daniel and Julie Sloan try and introduce Vinkman and Stacy. Sloan reveals that Eckhart has personally told him that he plan on choosing Sloan as his successor and that he wishes Suttun to take the position as Sub Director of Investigations. Tina Suttun announces she is pregnant.
  • Flashback - Bartleby and Dr. Wai Kwok Choy are working when Shade enters the building with a captured Order of Hermes Magus. Choy and Shade argue as to why he is there. Choy manages to trick Shade by knocking him out with a laser to later program him.
  • Kelly Keemer's car is found on the interstate. Bartleby and Shade investigate. They discover she is in the trunk dead, naked and with the Verbena symbol drawn on her back. They call for a crime team and Suttun. When a member of the crime team touches Keemer she suddenly jerks to life. A exhaust scan by Vinkman reveals her car came from the city.
  • They all take her back to the Carwin building. Kelly says that the Verbena attacked them, killed the Iteration X scientists, and kidnapped and her and the device. She remembers the spells cast on her and feels that she might have compromised the situation when she visited the Verbena earlier on in the week. She is not sure what she might have told them.

Report 4 Sept 12 2004

  • Everyone is called to an emergency meeting in the morning. Slone is not present. Launer planned to attack the Verbena chantry based on what they had done to Kelly, and evidence that TO-4 was compromised. As Launer started to give the briefing Suttun interrupted in protest managing to postpone the attack. Suttun asked to go in and survey the area inserting two devices which would allow TO-4 to spy on the Verbena and if necessary bring down their magical wards
  • Suttun and Bartleby move to figure out what Launer is up to. They call Slone at home and discover that he is in disagreement with Launer's actions but knows that other TO directors support him and Eckhart is still on his trip and can't be reached.
  • Bartleby manages to detect dimensional activity coming from the Verbena Chantry.
  • Suttun and Bartleby go to the Verbena Chantry and meet up with Karl who tells them that he never told Launer that TO-4 had been compromised.
  • Suttun decides to confront the Verbena and speaks with Rain. He tells her about the dimensional phenomenon coming from within. Sun appears a little later and the four of them go to a small storage room within the chantry. As they enter a strange device lights up bring another being into our world. Bartelby and Rain manage to trap it before it escapes and Suttun pointlessly shoots the thing.
  • A helicoptor is heard from outside as Launer attempts to attack the Chantry. Suttun manages to prevent it for a short time but eventually Launers' men break through. Most of the Verbena (Mages and Coharts) escape but Karl and Sun are killed. Suttun tries to send them one last message. Launer has Bartleby send the creature to another Dimension.

Report 5 Sept 13 2004

  • Lots and lots of talking about conspiracy stuff.... yawn.
  • Vinkmanís program returns the location of a major data dump from Carlís computer. The location was that of the Trenton building which is owned by Trenton Finances.
  • Bartleby did some research and discovered that Trenton Finances use to call McCain Financing and funded a project held within Montauk Airforce Base, and previous to that in Gila Bend, AZ.
  • Sloan gets a report that Eckhart never got off his plane. He is now officially missing.
  • Suttun gets permission to access the Trenten Building security cameras and notices Luwin Androni in the building.
  • Vinkman hacks into Dr. Winnís computer and manages to download the correspondence between Winn and the Zaibatsu. It shows that the Zaibatsu did request a change in date and time.
  • Kelly Keemer is found inside Bartlebyís office where she is kicked out. Bartleby then discovers she accessed his computer and downloaded some files. He has Alan corner Kelly and they take her back to the office for questioning. After some questioning she reveals that she believed that Bartleby would have information on the Verbena and that she wants revenge. Kelly still refused to undergo a mind scan even though it would reveal the truth about what happened to her.

Report 6 Sept 14 2004

  • Monday night Vinkman sneaks into Launerís office and hacks his computer. He manages to decrypt a number of files and discovers that Gina Carson was in England at the same time as Eckhart.
  • Shade decides to investigate Eckhartís disappearance and checks out his house. While at the gate he sees a strange creature and receives a call from the woman who warned him previously. The woman picks him up and tell him he is being hunted for things he had seen but not aware that he had seen. The woman, Joanna, says the need to get the device taken from the Verbena chantry and destroy it.
  • Shade pokes around the TO-4 office looking for the device and discover that Bartleby has it. Suttun, Bartleby, Vinkman and Shade all discuss what has happened. They agree to give Shade a file with the D7 device on it. Shade calls Joanna and they plan to meet at the Empire State building.
  • At the meeting spot Suttun, Vinkman and Bartleby are all doing surveillance with Suttun on the building. Joanna shows up and as she is walking toward Shade one of the creatures attacks Shade. Shade starts to shoot at them but it only slows the creatures down. Everyone starts to leave. Bartleby recognizes Joanna as his wife and goes to meet her. Joanna calls John Davenport, and Order of Hermes Mage who shows up and removes the creatures. Everyone agrees to meet up for a later meeting.

Report 7: Sept 14 2004

  • PCs enroute to meet with John Davenport. Bartleby & Joanne are talking for the first time face-to-face.
  • Vinkman stays in the car, running surveilence on the meeting. Davenport's basic pitch is that the "device" opened up a portal to an other far away dimension and something came through. This thing got kicked into a near dimension and is rapidly breeding and/or gaining power. Davenport wants all devices, plans, and info about the device destroyed. Vinkman hacks into Iteration X to make sure that we have a copy of the schematics, and to try and modify Iteration X's copy of the schematics so that they don't work. Also try to get into the Ziabatsu network to do the same, but unsucessful. Davenport says something that makes everyone incredibly suspicious of Kelly Keemer.
  • Going back to TO-4, Keemer is trying to get out the building, Shade tackles her. Much confusion and Sutton sneaks away with Keemer's briefcase. Bartleby goes to his office and finds the device gone and his office tossed. Vinkman still hacking away, gets copy of device schematics and manages to screw up Iteration X's copy just a little bit.
  • Launer comes in and announces that Eckhart was killed in the UK, Shade mind probes Gina Carson and learns that she pulled the trigger at Launer's direction. Launer is confident of being appointed Director because of support of other Directors and the "White Tower."
  • Shade and Bartleby follow Keemer, who is meeting with Luwin Androni. Shade snipes Keemer; Bartleby has an encounter with some guy wrapped up in bandages. They find a Syndicate safehouse and head that way.
  • Meanwhile Sutton and Vinkman are still in the office. Vinkman runs into Penny and makes some small talk about the now-dead Eckhart. Sutton calls Vinkman who's trying to have both conversations at the same time and is fed lines from Sutton to get a date with Penny.
  • Afterwards Sutton and Vinkman head out to meet with Sloan, who Sutton brings up to date on everything. Vinkman suggests that they frame Launer as the one who met with Davenport and is working with the Hermatic Order. Sutton is a little annoyed at having his cooperation with the deviants made known to his boss. Sutton and Vinkman head out to rendezvous with Bartleby and Shade at the Syndicate safehouse.
  • Out at the Syndicate safehouse Androni uses the device to open a portal. Androni gets capped, weird dog creatures come throug the portal, Shade manages to stun them. Bartley shuts down the machine but the portal doesn't close.
  • Sutton charges in and shoots up the deactivated device. Vinkman skims the conviently located PC which contains Androni's journals and finds a note about Androni and Choy becoming one. Thinking that Choy (the bandaged man that's been haunting Bartleby) is somehow connected to Androni, Vinkman tries to toss Androni's body through the portal hoping that once everything is back in the far away dark dimension things will get better.
  • The portal closes just before Androni's body goes through and Choy shows up to hassle Bartleby, who's response is a bullet in the head, not really affecting Choy. A little more chaos and gunplay follow. Bartleby opens up another portal, and Choy, the dog creatures, and Androni's body all go through, cleaning up everything except for Keemer's body which is again in the trunk of Bartleby's car.