Technocratic Rules

Character Creation

Character will be made free form. That means what you want is what you put on your character sheets. However, any extreme abilities should be justified in your character background. Also we will be using Vices and Virtues from the new WoD book instead of Nature and Demeanor.

Special Rules

Rule of 1 - 1's do not cancel successes. In order to botch you have to roll no successes and at least a 1

Willpower - Willpower will be gained according to the rules presented in nWoD as per your Vice and Virtue. Willpower can be spent in the usual ways plus it can be spent to pull a device. The device can be used to cast a magical effect but must be appropriate for that device (ie scanners shouldn't make pancakes).

10's - If you roll a 10 you get to reroll and add the result.

Specialization - You can specialize in any ability or skill that has 4 or 5 dots. Simply write the specialization in. If your specialization comes into play you get an additional die added to your pool.

Experience - No experience points will be handed out during the game. You will be allowed to make your character exactly how you want him in the beginning. If you feel that a character should change for some reason please contact me and we will discuss it and change the character when appropriate.