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The Technocracy

Welcome to our New York office. Realize that if you made it here than you are one of the best at what you do. Not in the state, or the nation but in the world. You have a gift and we plan on shaping it to help the people...

Carwin Investigations and Research

CIR is the cover for the for Technocratic Operations in New York (TO-4). Located in the Carwin building it plays a part in assisting government agencies including NSA, CIA, FBI as a private consultant.

CIR is headed by Thomas Eckhart who plan on retiring soon. He overlooks all activity within TO-4 and makes sure everything stays focused. Primary concerns to Eckhart are RD investigation, Intelligence of anykind, and research in communications. To push these objectives he has three subdirectors.

Each subdirector overlooks one of the major concerns. Jeremy Launer overlooks Invelligence, Danial Sloan overlooks investigations and Samantha Qui overlooks communications and any R&D taking place under TO-4.

Under the subdirectors are between 3-6 Enlightened Agents, many of which will work under multiple subdirectors.

What's happened before

In general the history of Mage extends to the dawn of humanity. Throughout the years these will workers have influenced humanity as much as humanity has influenced them. And as civilization has developed so have the mages.

During the Renaissance a group of like minded mages formed "The Order of Reason." These mages beleived that reason and science were the best course for humanity and started to push their beleifs in all forms including philosophy, technology, and religion.

Many of the mages whos beleifs were older felt pressure from The Order of Reason and found that they were no match against their overwhelming pressence. In agreement these mages formed "The Traditions" in order to share knowledge and protect themselves from The Order of Reason.

For centuries these two organizations lashed out at each other trying to swing the populace to their method of thinking. Unfortunately, The Traditions were too fractured in their beleifs to come up with a cohesive ideal of reality and quickly found themselves loosing to the might of The Order of Reason.

In the 1800s Queen Victoria rearranged The Order of Reason into a more aggresive and beuracratic organization and renamed them The Technocracy. The Traditions quickly discovered they were no match against the overwhelming force. A brief alliance during the mid 1900s occured between the two groups in order to stop The Nephendi (a diabolic group of mages) who had secretly gained a lot of power.

However, once the Nephandi threat was removed the alliance was removed and The Technocracy continued their agressive removal of other mages. The Traditions two major strongholds: Horizon and Doissetep were destroyed.

Now it is just a matter of time until the Techocracy destroys or converts the remaining will workers and dominate the whole of reality. However, the Technocracy seems to be weakening as internal conflicts and differing opinions start to rust the iron bearacracy apart.


There are two themes to the game. The first one is surviving. This isn't surviving the wilderness or the streets. This is surviving in the shadow of the Technocracy. Mages want to cast magic and change reality but doing so attracts the attention of the Technocrats.

The second theme is morality. In the world of mage there is a blur of what is right and wrong, who is good and bad. In the game I hope to explore not just the morality of the groups such as the Traditions and the Technocrats but also the characters.