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2007 Students

Nathan Steinburg (Natty)

Natty is young (15) and has embraced the Rastafari way of life. He is also very adept with technology, and is using it to try and bring about a revolution. Natty published the criminal records of several faculty members in an independent newspaper, and was forced to write an apology as a result. This later resulted in the revelation the his school was looked to evil spirits which caused Natty to awaken.

Branwen Haf Lewis

Haf is 15 years old and was born completely and incurably blind. She has a huge family including 6 siblings who all are talented except for her brother, Dyfan. When Haf awakened Dyfan was there to help her catch a criminal that was stalking her.

Ray Hanscomb

Ray is a young 12 year old boy who grew up on the farm lands of Gilroy, CA. He was pretty typical kid who was in the 4H club and liked to raise his pig, Clarence. Harry awakened finding death follow him as anything he would get near would die.

Harry Mills

10 year old Harry has lived with his single mother Margaret since he was two, when his father left them for a waitress. Harry started to become a loner and was solemn and serious. His mother become concerned and took him to a psychologist named Dr. William Bates. Dr. Bates and Margaret also fell in love and on the day they revealed this to Harry he awoke and saw either his dead father or a spirit pretending to be his father.

River Matthews

River lives in a commune called Rainbow Ranch in Upcountry Maui that was started by his father who came from a wealthy family. Often River will go camping on the ranch, or spend weeks at the beach but is also a strong worker and educated. River awakened to discover that a Mage named Lilo live on the commune and has decided to become his mentor much to his father's disapproval.

Shen Yongrui

Shen grew up in a small village a few hours away from Hong Kong. Shen's father was always getting into trouble and dragging Shen with him. Finally, Shen's father was arrested and Shen had to strike out on his own until the day he got caught. On the day he was caught Shen's grandfather revealed himself to be a Triad boss who was later killed when Shen awakened.

2006 Students

Fasil Shah (Euthantos)

Damien Levine (Sons of Ether)

Qui Hoang (Akashic Brotherhood)

2005 Students

Jason Valentin (Order of Hermes)

Stacy DeWitt (Celestial Chorus)

Carolyn Aussy (Virtual Adept)

Pablo Gonzalez (Dreamspeaker)

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Lilo Ka-imi

Lilo is the assistant to the headmaster at Candlerote and an adept of the Cult of Ecstacy. She was born in Hawaii and spent many years on a commune called the Rainbow Ranch. However, her dealing with the Traditions caused an attach on the ranch almost killing her. She left soon after.

Oswald Heimbecker – Headmaster (OoH)

Drason – New Horizon (OoH)

Urik (Euth) – New Horizon (OoH)

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