T. Cipher


candleroteCandlerote is a school for the gifted. It is much more, a school for young mages who come to learn how to control and understand their powers. But, it is even more than that.

Candlerote was built in 1904 about 60 km from Lethbridge, Alberta. It hadn't been that long since The Order of Reason officially changed to The Technocracy and started to aggressively win the Ascension War. The Traditions felt like the where defeated as they started to fragment. To help, James Cardoli (Euthantos) formed the school of Candlerote to have young mages come together and understand each other at a young age.

Traditionally and young mage would tutor under a master and his Traditions Chantry. Mixed chantries were becoming less popular and Cardoli wanted to change that. Cardoli’s philosophy was that schooling lasts for three years and each year is divided into three semesters. Each semester is taught by a different Tradition until every student has had experience with each paradigm. During this time the student will also study his own Tradition.

The formula proved successful and remains the same to this day. About 3-6 apprentices join the school each year and a recent edition of teaching hedge magic to daydreamers has recently formed in the last 20 years.

The school is built around a mansion and has a permanent headmaster and an assistant adept. There is also the master of the Tradition that is being taught at the time who stays for 2-3 months while teaching his curriculum.