T. Cipher


The new students of 2006: Ray, Haf, Nate, River, Shen, and Harry all fly to Chicogo where they transfer flights from O'Hare to Lethbridge. During their flight time seems to skip.

When they land the students are greated by a man calling himself Orgathorpe. Who has the students get in a high tech mini-van. They drive along for what seems like 3 hours and stop at a Tim Horton donut shop. While at the restaurant the students discover that the men who picked them up are not with Candlerote but are trying to kidnap them.

Natty manages to steal the car and everyone drives off just as the two men find out. It doesn't take long for the two men to catch up in another stolen vehicle but they manage to trick them into running into another car when the another man shows up claiming to be the real Orgathorpe.

They are soon at the school and given a brief initiation where they meet Stacy DeWitt, a friendly senior, who is their improptu guide. She later invites the group to hang out in Lethbridge.

While in Lethbridge the kids hang out at the ice cream parlar and Natty hooks up with some local dealers. When they decide to head they discover another senior, Jason Valentine, has been using magic to hussle pool players. They get into a fight with the victums of the hussle and then Jason has a big arguement with Natty.

When they get back to Candlerote Jason gets in big trouble when River decides to turn him in for abusing magic.